Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Clean Slate for Dan

I have loved the Raiders since before I can remember, but in recent years I must admit they made me something of a hypocrite. No, I never had to defend some ludicrous instant replay fumble overturn that was followed by a bogus explanation associating it with an arcane, misguided, and misapplied rule. But round about 2003 my two least favorite players in the NFL were Warren Sapp and Randy Moss. I had a long list of reasons for disliking them, from Sapp’s attitude after a cheap shot that sent Chad Clifton to the hospital to Randy Moss’s, “What’s $15,000 to me?” comment after one of many fines. I watched in horror as each was signed to play for my beloved Silver and Black. I feared that we would be cursed just as we had been cursed in the late 1980's after hiring the devil himself, Mike Shanahan.

Since Sapp’s signing the Raiders are 15-49. With Moss (including the games when he was only going through the motions), the Raiders were even worse: 6-26.

In fairness, Sapp somewhat redeemed himself with me. He played hard, he played well, he supported the team (at least the defense), he didn’t make destructive comments. Moss had his positive moments, but revealed his true self – in essence mooning the Raider Nation with his soul – in the end.

This era of hypocrisy is over. The curse is lifted. Please Al Davis do not sign Jerramy Stevens anytime soon.

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Sllaacs said...

In the Bay this year we got to witness the last season's of two of the best interior lineman ever to play in the NFL. They couldn't be more different personality-wise,(Bryant Young, best described as 'stoic' and Warren Sapp as 'verbose')but on the field they both gave 100% on every down and left the game, (if Sapp calls it quits) with plenty of respect from their peers and coaches and fans.
Neither team has a pro-bowler to replace these guys and DT will more than likely be a weakness this coming season on both sides of the Bay.