Friday, February 1, 2008

Sllaacs is Brief with his Super Bowl Picks; John's Picks

I've been following the Lane Kiffin/Al Davis Drama all week. Just click on the link to Jerry Mac's blog, or the link to Jason Jones' blog, and you can get caught up. I highly recommend both.


I must say, that even though the Patsy's beat the shit out of the Giants during their regular season matchup (during the 4th quarter, at least) I would love for Randi Moss to take this loss and ruin the run for a perfect record. I am no Fish lover and Mercury Morris is an asshole, but who cares? Let them be the only underfeated team in NFL history. 28-24 - G-Men.

I was thinking that the Giants had a chance. This is the first time this season that a good team has faced the Patriots a 2nd time. They have the talent to make any adjustments based on the first meeting.

Then two things happened. First, Plaxico guaranteed a victory, even calling the score 23-17. Then, I was watching NFL Total Access, only instead of Rich Eisen it was the blonde. She's been through the Jeanne Zelasco School of Voice Modulation. Anyway, she kept referring to "Easy E's" upcoming interview with Madame Schefter.

Easy E? Since when is that Eli Manning's nickname? And can he be happy about this? What does that imply? That he'll get into a beef with his most talented teammate (Plaxico) the way that the original Eazy-E got into a beef with N.W.A.'s most talented member (Ice Cube)? That he'll end up being a coach of the Cleveland Browns (like Eazy coached Bone Thugs-n-Harmony) before dying of AIDS?


Anyway, I've never wanted a non-Raiders team to win as badly as I want the New York Football Giants to beat the cheating-ass Mother Tuckers from New England. But they probably won't. The Pats will win, probably big. Like 38-14.

Great Season. Both of our readers will be happy to note that we're planning some big changes around here, including but maybe not limited to Sllaacs getting his own by-line (Is that what you call it on a blog?).

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