Friday, December 5, 2008

Kawakami Rips off Sllaacs, Makes Me Physically Ill

Tim Kawakami has an extended blog post on the similarities between JaMarcus Russell and Alex Smith. About a month after Sllaacs started calling him JaAlex SmiRussell, or JASR for short.

What makes me so physically ill about the Kawakami post is that I'm terrified he might be right. And that's also why I'm endorsing the idea floated by Cam Inman in his column the other night. Sit him down until you have a coach who can work with him, and a line that can block for him, and some wide receivers who can catch the goddam ball.


Sllaacs said...

The main points I stress in the similarities between Smith and Russell is the obvious athleticism of the two players and the oblivious coaching and ownership machinations on the two teams.

Sllaacs said...

It is nice beating Kamikaze to the punch though.