Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dan's Picks

Speaking of LL Cool J, several weeks ago I dusted off the old radio, expecting not to be able to follow the Raiders the rest of the year without my radio. But through the magic of pricing, presales, packages, and possibly some sort of derivatives swaps, the Raiders game has once again sold out.

It's beginning to rain a bit around here. Given the Coliseum's below sea level elevation, the surface should slow down Moss today and give an advantage to the Raiders' run blocking offensive line. Ha - had you going there, didn't I? JaMarcus, Moss, Nnamdi...who cares. The Raiders will get crushed as expected, 34-12.

I must disagree with Sllaacs slightly, however. The Raiders don't necessarily always fold in big games. They fold in all sorts of games and sometimes they inexplicably win a pretty big game (e.g., at division leading Denver). They do seem to always fold when the game is nationally televised. While today does not qualify, Commissioner Goodell is in attendance. Why did Al invite him to a near certain debacle? To pitch him on the need for a new stadium? From a Raider fan perspective, we can only hope that Goodell sees the dysfunction first hand. Perhaps junior staffers will sneak "Help us!" notes to Goodell's team during the visit. Then, as the charade falls to pieces, the Commissioner will race down Hegenberger to OAK where Herrera will hunt him down and shoot him as he boards his plane.

Anyway, the Forty Niners could win this game in Miami, but I guess I just don't think they will. Miami this year is a shining example of how to rebuild a team quickly. San Francisco is more an example of how not to descend into a complete disaster via a mid-season coaching change. At least that's what they've been for two weeks now. Miami, 24-20.

Green Bay at Jacksonville. Man, I just keep picking the Packers. They aren't as bad as 5-8, I believe that. And Jacksonville has been at least an equal disaster this season. Maybe Charles Woodson's work ethic has finally rubbed off on the Packer D. They haven't been good. So the Pack will win a bit of a shootout, 31-28.

Drama and Disaster and Dallas all start with D. So does "Dan's Picks," come to think of it. And fittingly, so does Davis, as in the legendary Al, whom Jerry Jones has always described as a mentor and hero of sorts. Well, Jerry has built an Al-like disaster in Dallas. Reinstating Pacman Jones over and over sends the message that talent trumps discipline. Catering to TO destroys team chemistry in the quest for big plays. And the train seems to be going off the track while Wade Phillips struggles to maintain some semblance of control. Giants 24-14.

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