Thursday, December 4, 2008

Logic does not apply

One might argue that logic doesn't apply much when picking NFL games these days, but it certainly does not apply to the two teams playing tonight. Just when we think the Raiders have stabilized and have a winnable game at home, they run the fat kicker toss (and do nothing else to overcome it) and lose to a team from Missouri. The Chargers, meanwhile, have offered as their encore to an AFC Championship appearance a 4-8 record in a very, very weak division.

So I too will avoid logic and will pick the Raiders to win, 26-24. I will also pick Raider fans to win the balance of the in-stadium brawls tonight, 31-15.

Fantasy side note: This season I selected LT with the first overall pick, and he dragged my team down to a 7-6 record. By some miracle of divisional organization, this record has earned me a first round playoff bye. I fear that tonight LT may torture me in both fantasy and reality terms.

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