Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reason #1076 to Hate the Denver Broncos: Matt Lepsis Played "High" on "Drugs"

Bill Williamson linked to a "must-read story" (sic) in his blog on Christmas Day about Matt Lepsis. Apparently, he liked to get "high" on "drugs" and then play football. I put the words "high" and "drugs" in quotation marks like that because neither the original article in the Colorado Springs Gazette nor Williamson's blog post specify exactly what "drugs" Lepsis was on, or exactly how "high" he was while playing.

So what, exactly, was Lepsis taking? He doesn't say, just that he liked to "party" and listen to Dave Matthews. He also says he never hit rock bottom but that he would get high as soon as he woke up and stay high all day long.

That sounds like weed to me. What a pussy. At least Ricky Williams came out and said, "Dude, I like to smoke pot." Brett Favre famously got himself addicted to pain killers, and Kerry Collins was an alcoholic. And the Cowboys like to snort coke and smoke crack, which, as everyone knows, are real Drugs.

I have a feeling that Matt wants people to be impressed that Jesus saved him from "Drugs," and he doesn't want the Bob Saget speech from Half Baked every time he gives his testimony.

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