Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Oakland Raiders are Awesome

Can you think of a better word than "awesome" to describe just how much the Raiders suck? Six straight seasons of at least 11 losses.

No other team has done that. Not Detroit. Not Tampa. Not Cincinnati.

The Oakland Raiders. Unbelievable.

Except I do believe it, because I've watched (or listened to) just about every one of those losses.

There's no hope.

Scott Ostler makes jokes. Lowell Cohn doesn't. But they make the same point: Dan is right. This team knows no nadir.

JaMarcus threw a couple of nice passes. But too often, he looked like a guy trying to throw his shoes at George W. Bush, missing wildly as he gets gang tackled.

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Dan Hauenstein said...


So what do we take from Cohn's article other than depression? That there is no progress to be made in 2008 (somewhat obvious) and that JaMarcus is not a winner (rather disturbing)?