Thursday, December 4, 2008

Entirely Logical

Who saw this coming? The Chargers blowing out the Raiders in San Diego? Wow.

My initial thought for my previous post was that an optimist might consider that the Raiders are playing to the level of their competition with a big win over division-leading Denver followed by a sloppy loss to cellar-dwelling (yes, somehow the Raiders are still ahead of the Chefs) Kansas City. Therefore, they might play an interesting game tonight. But the Raiders do not follow such paths of logic. Rather, they randomly (and quite infrequently) play a stellar game, then they lay an egg, then - instead of getting angry and focused and regrouping the next week - they get even worse.

Tonight, they are most certainly worse. We may in fact be exploring new lows. Well, I suppose we've been at rock bottom for years now, only this time it's (allegedly) in 3-D.

But...I wouldn't be the hopelessly hopeful Raider fan that I am if I didn't point out what would be truly illogical: a second half Raider comeback.

Other notes:
  • Kristy's comment upon seeing Charger fans on TV: "I guess I never really realized San Diego had fans."
  • Will Nnamdi be fined again for wearing black socks? I hope so, because every time he wears them the Raider secondary gets torched.

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