Friday, December 5, 2008

Sllaacs Picks - Raiders will beat the Chargers, a Guaranteed, 100% lock

As I peruse the SF Chronicle this Friday morning and settle on the NLF schedule for this week, I will begin my picks with the Oakland Raiders:

The Silver and Black will visit San Diego and for some reason, I just get the feeling that Raiders will win this one, especially since they will be on National Television and they have as much pride as any team in the NFL.  They will Represent and show the World that even though their record sucks, they can play this here game of FOOTBALL...  
Wait a minute...  What's this?  They already played?  Last night?  
Well, I'm sure the Raiders must have won...  
No, they lost.  
Hmmmm...  I'd be surprised if they didn't play well...  
First Quarter:  Not good.  
Second Quarter:  JASR down, code 435, Pimp in Distress!  
Third Quarter:  Andrew Walter?  
Fourth Quarter:  Same ol' Same ol'.  
Damn, maybe I should change the headline.  

So that wraps up my Raiders pick.

N.Y. Jets @ San Franciso 49ers:

Gotta go with the Bretts here.  They have the fourth-ranked defense in the league and of course, Brett.  The only question will be whether the Niners will "look good" in this game, i.e., not in any way resembling the Oakland Raiders last night, yet still, ultimately taking a loss at home.
Let's say it goes to the Bretts, 33-23 over the Interim and the Forty-Niners.

Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers:

Packers will  roll.  If they don't, it's because they suck.  Packers over Texans 38-16.

Philadelphia Eagles @ N.Y. Giants:

Good game to watch; McNabb, once again fighting critics vs. Media Frenzy over Plaxico's Boom-Stick.  I'm gonna go with McNabb on the road, against the Super Bowl Champions: Eagles upset the Giants 23-16.

In closing, I'd just like to add the obvious:  The Oakland Raiders are at their nadir. They have fallen like a dense turd dropping into the blue-water of a Port-a-Potty, with an all-too-noticeable splash upon impact, splattering everything in the area with layers upon layers of blue shit-water.  A sickening display, but that is how the Raiders and their fans should feel: like blue shit-water.  Or at least like they've been splattered with it.


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