Sunday, December 21, 2008

El Pick-o's para la Semana

San Francisco @ St. Louis:

The Niners play the horrible Lambs today. This is a measuring stick game for the Niners, if they lose. A win is actuall a should have for San Franciso. The Niners will beat the Rams 35-10, in an ugly, boring, blow-out.

Houston @ Oakland:

Can't see the Raiders winning this one, especially with the way they tried so hard to find bright spots in the their ass-kicking last week against the Patsy's. The Raiders are done. JASR and McFadden will look for numbers to round out this season and judge themselves after the nightmare is over. The Texans will beat Oakland, 24-13.

Green Bay @ Chicago: (Monday Night)

What a letdown in Wisconsin the Pack must be this year. The Defense was inconsistent all season, despite the overall strong play from Rodgers, and in the end that is what doomed them this year. Bears beat the Packers 28-17.

I would have picked Baltimore to go into Dallas and roll the 'Boys, but they already did it yesterday. So I guess I'll pick the Carolina @ N.Y. Giants game. Two teams with great records in a showdown with Home Field Advantage on the line. Hell, the NFL even moved this game to later in the day, to officially stamp it a "BIG GAME". Okay, upset: Carolina over the Giants in the Meadowlands 24-20.

P.S. If you want to read about a Bay Area Professional Sports Franchise that is handling business this year, click here. I remember when the Niners were like that.

P.P.S. J-Craw dropped 50 on the Bobcats last night. And in case any Warriors fans didn't notice: Second year forward Brandan Wright and Rookie forward Anthony Randolph are getting Tyrone Hill'd by Don Nelson this year. Nellie has also introduced the first "Defensive Coordinator" position in the NBA.


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