Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dan's Picks on a Relaxing Sunday

Getting the debacle out of the way early this week sure makes for a pleasant Sunday.

The 49ers have clearly fallen behind the Raiders in the BARFF off this year. While I don't see them closing the gap this week, I also don't see them beating the Jets. Ah, good times. The last time Favre was at Candlestick (it was then called Monster Park and San Francisco was receiving money to offset its budgetary problems), I was there, Favre was good, the Packers won, and some bitter 49er fan got in my face in the parking lot asking how I could possibly root against the 49ers if I live here in the Bay Area. Jets 31-18.

When I first moved from Wisconsin to Houston I could not believe that I was still sweating and uncomfortable on Halloween. It is December. The Texans aren't that good and they are playing on the tundra of Lambeau. The Packers have been surprisingly average at home, but it's been snowing this week and it is 6 degrees at kickoff. Packers 30-21.

East coast media circus blah blah blah. Giants are good. Giants 27, Eagles 17.

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