Friday, December 5, 2008

Rather than commenting on a bunch of posts...

So why did Nnamdi wear the socks? Yeah, this is sort of a "deck chairs on the Titanic" sort of thing, but when your team leader shows disregard for a basic rule I'm not sure it helps this whole undisciplined and laughing-in-the-losing-locker-room culture. I wish he would hold his teammates accountable. He's the only one with the stature to do so.

To Sllaacs' comment, I can't imagine the Raiders have reached their nadir if they haven't already. Next someone is sure to set fire to the Raider Port-a-Potty.

We always hear about how guys don't care enough. On defense, who are these guys? Nnamdi names Burgess, Wilson, and Kelly as guys who do care. That leaves Warren and Edwards on the D-line, all the LBs, and Johnson and Huff/Eugene in the defensive backfield. In my opinion you shouldn't need more than two leaders in a position group to pull the other guys up and make them accountable. So is Nnamdi's comment an indictment of Kirk Morrison and potentially Thomas Howard? They are two of the guys I see actually making plays out there. And if I'm reading too deeply into the comment, how many guys does it take to demand some accountability out of teammates?

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