Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inman: Put JaMarcus on Ice

Cam Inman's post-game column on Jamarcus makes a lot of sense to me.

Figure this shit out, Al. Please.


Dan Hauenstein said...

Mooch says he needs to play because he has so much to learn. He's making a lot of dumb mistakes, and there were plenty of times tonight when he was not pressured at all and still telegraphed his way into triple coverage. He needs the occasional Denver game and the first half vs. KC to grow.

john said...

But against the next three pass rushes, standing behind Kwame and Super Mario? Really?

Sllaacs said...

Peyton Manning took every snap. Depends on the Player, the Team, the Coaches. The Raiders have so many holes, it's a tough call either way.