Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Niners on Monday Night: Not Bad, but definitely weird

I have never seen such strange whistle-blowing and reversing of calls in an NFL game in my life.  What kind of sherm did those refs smoke before the start of the fourth quarter?  At least they got the calls right in the end...  I think.  A hard loss for the Niners, a heartbreak even - if they were a good team with the game having implications of making the Playoffs.  
The Niners could have nailed down a nice feel-good victory yesterday, but the Ineptitude of the Inept showed up in time to put S.F. in its' place.   Shawn Hill is clearly a QB to give a few more starts.  He looks good in the pocket and he can make all the throws.  Vernon finally looked like Tony G, if only for one play.  The last 40 seconds of the game?  All I could say was: "wow".

More efforts like the game last night will produce better results, of course - but I don't think the Niners necessarily turned any corners.  Arizona took about 12 penalties in this game on defense - and that is horrible.  Those penalties against Arizona are as much a reason for the Niners being in that game as anything else.

Does the Sunday performance of Andrew Walter mean that JaMarcus is clearly not a bust?  Sllaacs says No.  We've bared witness as Walter put up numbers like he did Sunday in seasons before.  The Raider offense as a whole does suck, but Walter sucking it up is no barometer for JaMarcus.  Until further notice he is "JaAlex SmiRussell".   JASR, for short.


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Dan Hauenstein said...

Having not watched either game this week, I would say the Raiders have regained a firm lead in the 2008 Debacle Challenge.