Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dan's Picks

Part of me really does want to pick the Raiders this week. McFadden and Burgess are back. Champ Bailey is out. The Denver weather is beautiful. Per Randy Cross, Tom Cable proclaimed this the best week of offensive practice all year, claiming not a single JaMarcus pass touched the ground. But I've been burned before. Broncos 27-20.

As for the front end of the BARFF double-header on local TV today, I suspect that the 49ers will run into a revitalized Dallas team who will win, 31-24. TO was featured on this morning's NFL Gameday Morning blaming all his troubles on Jason Garrett. That's always a sign things are headed in the right direction for a team. As Howie Long says, the last 13 Super Bowl champs all have one thing in common: No TO. All of that may not back up my pick but it does back up the relatively close score at Texas Stadium.

Ok, on to the good games. I am a big believer in looking at a team's record and trying to imagine seeing it printed the next week if they win or lose. Tennessee is 10-0. Maybe they could be 11-0. But then they play Detroit, Cleveland, and Houston. That would put them at 14-0. Unlikely. Jets will win, 29-25. Of course this means the Jets will be 8-3, but if you substitute "Favre" for "Jets," it becomes easier to believe.

And the Packers look like they awoke last week to see that they were below .500 and decided they were done losing for the year. New Orleans continues to surprise me with their ability to lose despite Drew Brees's gaudy fantasy stats. Green Bay wins this matchup, 35-21.

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