Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sllaacs Picks - 2 in a row for the Silver and Black!

The Kansas City Chiefs are garbage.  The only reason they beat Oakland in the first matchup this year is because the Raiders are cursed.  Tomorrow will be different, the Raiders will beat the hell out of the "Chefs", 35-17.  JASR throws for 200 and 2 TD's.

San Francisco will probably play a decent all around game against Buffalo, but let's be real here: Buffalo is the better team by far.  The Bills will beat the Forty-Niners 28-17.

Green Bay will beat Carolina by at least 14 points.  Let's go with the Packers 33-16 over the Panthers.

Favre will handle the Denver secondary without too much difficulty.  I will take the N.Y. Bretts over the Broncos and super-armed Jay Cutler, 24-13.



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john said...

Uh, the Raiders beat the Chefs in KC, with 300 yards rushing and Lance's only win this year.