Friday, November 21, 2008

NFL Picks from the Cloak

The Niners won. Gotta love that, especially with the Raiders dropping one in such painful fashion last Sunday. With Cable making all the calls on Offense, he is certainly giving Al Davis no reason to lift the "Interim" from his title at the end of the season, and more of a reason to give Cable the title of "Failed Interim".

San Francisco @ Dallas:

Dallas should, and will, win this game. Maybe San Fran puts up a good fight, but probably not. Dallas over the Forty-Niners 38 - 14.

Oakland @ Denver:

Shanahan loves these match-ups, and if Al Davis wants to keep stiffing Shanny over the money he stills owe him, then Shanny will just bury the hell out of the Raiders every time they meet, there is no exception here. Denver over the Raiders 24-7.

Green Bay @ New Orleans:

I gots to go with the Saints at home in this game. New Orleans over the Packers 28-17.

N.Y. Jets @ Tennessee:

Let's see Brett take his act to Tenny and hand the undefeated Titans a shit sandwich.
Jets over the Titans 27-24.

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