Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sllaacs Picks - Javon Walker is out, so what? There's actually an NFL team called the "Redskins"!

Does it really matter that Javon Walker is out for the rest of the season?  Hell no.  There is no one to throw him the ball anyway, and if there was, there is no one to block for the thrower to throw it  ("it" being the football).

ESPN ranks Shawn Hill 16th in the NFL among QBs.  Better than David Garrard, Jason Campbell and Jeff Garcia.  Of course, no Raiders QBs located in the top 25.

Speaking of the Oakland Raiders; they will go to Miami to face a rebuilding team on a five game winning streak.  Notice how the Dolphins were garbage over the last few years, but have a very good looking present as well as future.  The Raiders have neither and will lose 25-13 to the Miami Dolphins.

St. Louis @ San Francisco:

An even more winnable game than the Seattle game the Niners lost.  The Forty-Niners really should blow out the Lambs, especially with Stephen Jackson staying home.  San Francisco over the St. Louis Rams, 24-6.

Chicago @ Green Bay:

Beautiful annual match-ups between these two squads continue.  I'm going to take Chicago on the road in the upset here, division rivals and all - in a 28 - 27 nail-biter.

Dallas @ Washington:

I generally ignore the offensively named sports teams like the Redskins and the Indians, (not the Warriors of course, that ain't offensive, is it?) but I always root for the 'Skins in the games against Dallas, because in the real life battles between Cowboys and Indians (Native Americans), it turns out that the "Red Skinned Savages" are the good guys, defending their homeland from the invading "Pale Faces".  

By the way:  The fact is, I am not a Native American nor do I represent them, but Native Americans in the media have stated that the names are offensive, so there you go. 

And a lesser known fact:  The Sousa's and Dan, are Pale Faces.  
Washington Redskins (offensive name already acknowledged) over the Cowboys 34-24.

P.S.  You should really click the media link above and read that article.  I find it fascinating, just how much our Judicial System considers offending the remnants of the vanquished Natives, when weighed against the potential financial losses of losing "the Brand"  that the Washington NFL franchise has built for 36 years.  After all, the "Indians" are the losers, and the "Cowboys" make the laws.


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Anonymous said...

I think Johnny, being 1/4 Mexican on his dad's side is Indian-ish. But yeah, Dan's totally a cracker.

Despite my position as the ranking Native American-ologist at West Valley College, I love (LOVE!!!) Tony Romo, so go Cowboys! You'll never hear me say that in any other context. And I hope that Jessica Simpson bitch gets scalped.