Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sllaacs Picks - Very Late. Who are the Niners playing?

I've never liked the Bye Week in the NFL.  Add more games, I say.  Let there be a 2-man QB rotation for every team and have them play 22 games per season. Let every coach drop his pants to prove a point, let the Niners win tomorrow...  Oh, yeah.  Bye week.  And maybe Sousa is right - the NFL is just not exciting enough to me anymore, and that I am not hyped up for the Home Team Bye Week.

Atlanta @ Oakland:
The Falcons are pretty good, with a true rookie QB who is playing above expectations.  Russell may want to take notes.  The Raiders staff might also want to take notes.  The Falcons will come and handle the Raiders much as they did S.F. Falcons win 35-13.

Green Bay @ Tennessee:
The Titans are 7-0.  Pretty impressive that Kerry Collins is - he is steady and underrated.  I will go with the Titans, picking AFC over NFC this time - Titans over Packers 23-17.

Dallas @ N.Y.  Giants:
Easy pick here.  Giants will take care of business at home.  N.Y. over Dallas 30-13.

Pittsburgh @ Washington:
 The Steelers play tough ball, and the weather shouldn't give either team an edge - but I like Washington better at home 20-14.


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