Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 2009, Warriors Fans!

I saw this at Lucky's in Daly City this afternoon. I almost bought it
for Sllaacs.


Sllaacs said...

Nice, but I didn't Love Boom-Dizzle like that. He was the shit, but he didn't come up like Hardaway - drafted by the Warriors, so I always thought of him as a mercenary.

john said...

(Sigh). The point is that the guy on the cover of the Warriors 2009 Team Calendar NO LONGER PLAYS FOR THE TEAM. Whether you loved him or not, it's gotta be fucking embarrassing to put a guy on the cover who doesn't even play for the team anymore. The Raiders have Dominique Rhodes as one of the featured months, but they were smart enough to put JaMarcus on the cover. I mean, that's got to be 1st ever Straight Cash Homey calendar cover, right?

Sllaacs said...

No jerk. The point is, you saw the cheap ass calendar from a company that is not affiliated with the Warriors and assumed that Warriors brass even knows it exists. Do not project a shitty little print company's mistake upon the Warriors. Go pay attention to your Lakers; I think Kobes got a toe nail problem.