Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dan's Picks

Checking in from Arizona where I'm missing out on my favorite event of the year: Fall Back. Arizona doesn't believe in changing the clocks, but I suppose I can still get that extra hour of sleep because the games will just start an hour later.

I've lost touch a bit since the win over the Jets - I'll blame too much work and nursing my injured wife back to health - so I'm not going too deep with the analysis on these picks. Not that paying attention helped earlier in the season.

I want the Raiders to win and will pick them, 24-21 in a sloppy affair. I applaud Johnny's tie pick, and since no one is keeping score, it shouldn't cause us many problems. The Raiders will give up a lot of running yards but their own attack - even without McFadden - should return. And DeAngelo Hall plans to pick up a couple of penalties but perhaps he'll also return an INT for a touchdown. In recent years it's become fashionable to call that, "Pick Six."

I also want the Packers to win, so I'll pick them 31-27 on the road. Classic letdown game for the Titans against a rested Pack.

Kristy wants the Cowboys to win, but I'm picking the Giants 28-20. At this point it's a mismatch.

And probably a lot of people want the Redskins or Steelers to win, but I'm picking the 'Skins, 17-14.

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john said...

Bill Simmons suggests the Pick Six be referred to as Touchdown After INT, which would make it a TAINT. I know you don't really care for him, but that's a good suggestion...