Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dan's Picks - Dead Money

Sadly, "dead money" is the only reason why Javon Walker's injury matters. And here I am in Denver, where the locals are feeling playoff-bound thanks in large part to the likes of Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal.

Mr. Optimism is also dead. I have that Art Shell feeling. Probably a topic for another time, but I am actually contemplating it being worse this year. During the Art Shell year, I just stopped watching because I knew it was hopeless. I'm approaching that point now, and it has become clear that Al Davis learned nothing from the Art Shell fiasco after all. When will he run out of excuses?

With that in mind, as our two "busts" return, Miami should handle a reeling Raiders team, 22-8. The year since the Raiders' last trip to Miami feels like ten. Good quote from our now second-best player: "I don't have any answers of why we suck right now." Maybe Baldinger can draw it up.

I'm with the 49ers this week, and only 85% because the State of Misery rivals the Bay Area BARFF-fest this year. And I guess by being out of town I've missed how Singletary went from being this year's Denny Green to one of the top five most beloved Bay Area sports figures. San Francisco, 20-9.

Despite last week's "Adrian Peterson is now a superstar so he can force the coach to take a dumb risk and go for it on fourth down then he fumbles and basically loses the game for them only to have them squeak out a win when the Packers kicker misses a makeable last second field goal and so everyone gushes over his stats anyway" Packers loss, I am picking with my heart again and going with the Pack over the Bears. My heart is 1-0 and my head is 0-1 this week after the Jets beat the Patriots, so let's go with it: 26-19 Packers.

Another classic rivalry: Dallas at Washington. My wife is 25% Cherokee and has been a Cowboys fan all her life. Tonight I went to dinner with her Grandad, who used to be a Tom Landry crony. But for entirely unrelated reasons I'm going to pick Dallas, 25-16.

All the talk of Pale Faces (incidentally, mine is a bit red today after golfing in the sun on a partially snow-covered course) reminded me that I've never actually seen Sllaacs's face, although I understand he looks something like a guy who argued against Obama on YouTube.

Perhaps someday we will see Sllaacs cheering on the Golden State Golden Eagles?

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Sllaacs said...

Yeah, johnny invited me to the tailgate when you came out for the Raiders game, but I had to babysit. We shall meet one day, I'm sure.