Thursday, November 6, 2008

More on Baldy; Donkeys Win.

This is just gross. I had a manager one time who had a pinky like that. It was disgusting. He was always coming up and giving people (women, usually) shoulder rubs. And when they'd look down, you could see them shudder. Then he'd gurgle this pervy laugh he had, and it completed the picture. I bet Baldy's got a pervy laugh too. And he's probably also a sexual harasser. Everybody knows people with deformed pinkies are perverts.

And whaddya know, the game just ended, and Cleveland, with Brady Quinn under center, almost just beat the Donkeys. Brandon Marshall caught the game winning 6, which helps my fantasy prospects this week. He then told the most ridiculous story I've ever heard about his planned TD celebration in honor of Barack Obama's election the other day. I'm sure the video will be available soon, but the story included references to John Carlos/Tommy Smith 1968, bi-racial Americans, I think, and something else stupid. But to his credit, he scrapped it because the game was too close and he didn't want to be penalized. He may have also realized it was retarded.

Quinn's performance will just add gasoline to the JaMarcus haters fire. I can't defend his performance, so I won't. But Lowell Cohn has an interesting take on it here.

Here I was hoping that the Broncos would win the division at 4-12.


Dan Hauenstein said...

It was pretty funny to watch Brandon Stokley come running up to Marshall and physically stop him from being a dork when he realized what he was going to do in a close game late in the 4th quarter.

Think a 49er will break out a rainbow glove this week in solidarity for No on 8?

John Sousa said...

it won't be Garrison Hearst, that's for sure.