Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walker and Favre

Javon Walker will always be linked to Brett Favre, thanks to an uncomfortable 2005 offseason confrontation when Favre called out Walker in the press for threatening to hold out on the Packers while still under contract. Favre complained that Walker was being selfish, putting money ahead of the interests of the team. Walker's position, as part of something of a "strike" organized by Drew Rosenhaus, was that he was grossly underpaid for a Pro Bowl player on the last year of his rookie contract, and might never see his deserved payday given the hazards of the game.

Walker, of course, came to camp on time without a new deal and promptly tore his ACL when the season began. He's somehow continued to land major contracts, but the incident launched Walker's reputation for having questionable commitment to his teams.

In a strange twist of fate, both Favre and Walker are headlining today's off-the-field NFL news. While Brett is mulling over a $20 million offer from the Packers NOT to play, Walker is reportedly offering to return $11 million in bonus money so he can quit, with the Raiders rejecting the offer. The sentiments of 2005 have played out to ridiculous ends. Favre wants to be in camp so badly that he is now wrecking the team, and only by putting money ahead of playing might he save the team. By giving back all of his money, Walker still aims to be paid what he believes he deserves, only this time it's what he deserves for going home.

Interestingly, Walker's offer could actually help a Raiders team that broke the bank during the offseason and is getting very little from Walker during camp. Apparently Al Davis doesn't agree. Let's hope Al is not just trying to avoid proving Yahoo!'s Jason Cole wrong.

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John Sousa said...

this doesn't make any sense. Let. Him. Go.