Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sllaacs Predicts greatness for GS this NBA Season... No he doesn't.

I predict that the Golden State Warriors will charge out of the blocks this upcoming NBA Season, led by Monta Ellis, their up-and-coming combo-guard. The Warriors will get a jump start on 50 wins and Ellis will make everyone forget about Baron Davis, and other Warrior "Greats" who were always too injured, too often. After an off-season of point-guard heavy workouts, Monta Ellis is ready to lead this team to the playoffs and he will dominate in November on his way to... Wait, this just in:

"Nearly two months after the Warriors lost point guard Baron Davis
to free agency, his heir apparent, Ellis, had surgery for a torn deltoid
ligament Wednesday morning after sustaining a severe high ankle sprain
working out and will be sidelined for at least three months. The Warriors
open the season against New Orleans on Oct. 29.
Ellis, who a month ago signed a six-year, $66 million contract extension,

injured himself last Thursday in his hometown of Jackson, Miss. The ankle
will be immobilized for six weeks and then Ellis will spend six weeks
undergoing rehabilitation before he will even step on the court with a
basketball in his hands - meaning he will miss at least one month of the
regular season and possibly two."

-SF Chronicle, E-mail Vittorio Tafur at

On second thought: Regarding the Playoffs? Forget it. The Warriors are gonna suck.

P.S. To Oakland Raiders Fans everywhere, a movie quote, on behalf of all San Francisco 49ers Fans, the world over:

'Fuck yo Do Rag. Fuck, Yo Do Rag.' - Alpa Chino, Tropic Thunder

- Sllaacs

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