Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dangerous Game

Jason Jones and Jerry McDonald both have blog posts regarding Lance Kiffin mouthing off in the media about the lack of competition in training camp. Mike Lombardi mentioned yesterday in his Diner News blog item.

The consensus seems to be that Kiff is approaching this season with a nothing-to-lose strategy, controlling what he can control while poking his finger in Al's eye every chance he can. Jerry says that the only way Kiffin saves his job is by winning, which he figures still trumps everything in Mr. Davis' world. Lombardi agrees, although he's not exactly holding his breath that winning is an option, House-Divided-Against-Itself, etc.

I'm nervous. I like Kiffin, and the impact he's making on the offense, and getting rid of malcontents, and players like Nmamdi buying into his program. It makes me sick to think of JaMarcus--no matter what dobolina says, I think he's got once-in-a-generation skills--being wasted under a succession of incompetent coaching regimes, bouncing from system to system and never settling into a good one. I think he's in a good one now.

If Kiffin is fired, and Lofton or even Ryan is hired, with Knapp and Cable retained, then it could I guess it could be okay.

But if they all leave...well, we're fucked. And I'm afraid the Davis haters may be right (looking nervously for lightning) and he's completely gone, and we'll just have to wait until he's dead.

I just want to be excited for a season, without worrying when the other shoe is going to drop. Is that too much to ask?

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Dan Hauenstein said...

You need to learn to stop worrying and love the drama.