Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not Sounding Good

I am suffering through the AM radio broadcast of the game, and there isn't a lot to get me excited for the film at 10. Perhaps the Javon Walker sighting (4 receptions, 60 yards) and the three INTs against Leinart will be fun to watch. And JaMarcus started the game on fire, but went downhill from there.

The run defense does not sound improved. Arizona has mostly shredded this unit. The pass offense has been inconsistent, and it sounds like JaMarcus hasn't had his most accurate night.

JaMarcus is now in for a second drive in the second half. Kiffin sounded very upset about the offense coming out of the locker room at half. JaMarcus just hit Watkins to convert on 3rd...let's hope the momentum builds.

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