Monday, August 4, 2008

Nationals Test Day

This week I am in Whitney Point, NY for the 2008 APBA combined Stock and Modified Outboard National Championships. Today was the day set aside for testing, which is often a grueling day. This year's edition didn't disappoint on that front.

The day began with a line of trailers as far as the eye could see headed into the pits. The good news? Lots of entries. The bad? Sitting in this line:

Then the wind began to blow. After a few uncomfortable quarter-speed laps while dodging people falling out of their boats, testing was cancelled. This view pretty succinctly summed up the day:

I knew it was a bad idea to show up at the Nationals having never been in my new D Modified Hydro. This turned out to be my only chance to get to know the boat before answering the green flag later this week:

So, after a long drivers meeting with quite a few schedule changes, I'll now be heading out to defend my title in Formula A Hydro tomorrow. Mikey - thanks for the boat!

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