Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Hater of the Week: Gary Peterson

Granted, he beat me to the punch. But this one is going to be tough to beat!

The original article is here. I think Kiffin wants to win, and my previous post muses whether the Arizona game was his attempt to maintain control over his own ability to do so. Peterson makes the opposite argument, that Kiffin is just denigrating the talent on the team so he doesn't look so bad when the team goes down in flames.

I think Peterson's hate-mailers have a point. To make the assertion that someone is taking a dive is pretty extreme, and as a fan, it's the last thing you want to hear before the season even starts.

Well, the next to last thing besides, "It's fishy around here, man, so, actually, we're walking on eggshells around here, man."


John Sousa said...

Have we ever had a self-proclaimed Hater before? That's fantastic.

Sllaacs said...

It would be a smart play for Kiffin to make his bones about the roster before the season begins, that way he can say "told you so" when the Raiders win only 3 games.

Dan Hauenstein said...

So on the continuum:

1 - improve your ability to control your own win/loss fate
2 - cover your ass
3 - try to get fired

I am at 1, Slaacs is at 2, and Peterson is at 3.