Monday, August 11, 2008

Archuleta Signs

This is interesting. In October or so of 2000 I went to a UCLA vs. ASU game at the Rose Bowl with my buddy Todd. UCLA won, but I remember I was sitting with this weird Canadian dude, also named Todd, I think, and we both commented on the ASU defender who seemed to be in on every single tackle. "#45 is a player," he said. "He's playing balls oot on every play."

So if he can push at outside linebacker and make some big hits and tackles, hey, that's pretty cool.

Plus, if he can bring it on the field half as good as he brings it off the field, we have a player.


Dan Hauenstein said...

Archuleta was the guy I was hoping the Raiders would draft in 2001. Safety was our obvious need. Instead, he was gone and we drafted Derrick Gibson, possibly our worst draft pick ever.

Of course, this is 2008 and I'm not sure what Archuleta has left.

Oh by the way...Reggie Wayne was picked two picks after Gibson.

dobolina said...

Todd Marinovich

Dan Hauenstein said...

Marinovich was at least entertaining, and he did win a memorable game vs. KC. Plus, QBs are notorious for being coin flip picks.

Gibson was to fill a huge need at safety and never did jack.

john said...

What about Darrell Russell?

Dan Hauenstein said...

Maybe Russell was the worst in terms of the kind of person he turned out to be, but didn't he make a Pro Bowl or two in there?