Friday, August 22, 2008

Tim Brown vs. Michael Irvin

Jerry McDonald has some interesting quotes from Tim Brown in his blog today regarding Michael Irvin and trash he's been talking about Gene Upshaw:

...Brown seemed disgusted by former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin.

“I’m sitting down here in Dallas and listening to Michael Irvin talk about the man like he was the worst man to ever walk on this earth, and it’s just incredible folks can be so ignorant about what Gene has done,” Brown said. “It’s sad that a guy like Michael Irvin, who was saved by Gene Upshaw, whether he wants to believe it or not, several times, in his career, for him to not be able to see the good that Gene did for him.”

Love it. While I always enjoyed Irvin's work on Sunday Countdown, his crackhead ass owes career to Gene Upshaw. If the Player's Union hadn't been as strong as it was, do in no small part to Upshaw's organizational prowess, Irvin would have spent the majority of his career suspended.

Timmy was always my favorite Raider. He played with class and pride, which he continues to exhibit in his post-football career. Michael Irvin is the opposite of that.

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Dan Hauenstein said...

When I saw the headline for this post, my immediate thought was, "Talk about two opposite ends of the spectrum."

Good for Tim.