Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DeAngelo Hall is a Wordsmith

"Man up or bitch up" is the phrase he used, in response to Coach Kiffin saying the Raiders aren't a very good team right now, and not ready to start to the season. "Any coach is going to say that but I think we're ready," Hall said. "A lot of guys aren't ready to do things in life until they're thrown in the fire. Then you've either got to man up or bitch up. I think we're ready to man up."

Props to Jason Jones for bringing us this quote. Both Jerry and David White led their posts with Hall's broken finger, and how he's practicing anyway. But only Jason Jones isn't worried about offending Raiders fans. I especially like that his editors didn't make him write it "man up or b---- up" or "man up or ---- up," leaving us to guess what exactly was being bleeped.

That said, between Hall's broken finger and Nmamdi leaving the field to get his foot X-rayed, I am getting a little concerned about depth in the secondary.

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Dan Hauenstein said...

It's all kind of weird...first Kiffin praised Hall for stepping up and playing goal line with an injured hand. Then you've got Hall complaining that he's being forced to practice with an injury that's worse than the Raiders say. And then you've got the "Man up" quote. So is he tough or a complainer?

Ultimately, that doesn't matter much compared to Nnamdi's foot. Just get him 100% well by the Broncos game.