Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Don't know how we missed this, but ESPN had an online fan poll asking who is the Greatest Raider Ever. Marcus Allen won a dominating victory with 54.7%. The great Tim Brown, for whom I'd have voted had I been paying attention and noticed that they were running this poll, came in a distant second with 14.5%, followed by Howie (10.6%), Ken Stabler, Fred Biletnikof, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Ted Hendricks, Willie Brown, and Dave Casper.

Marcus was a great Raider, and his Super Bowl performance against Washington is one of the most spectacular games in football history. But this selection is controversial, seeing as how roughly 1/3 of his stats came as a Chief.

I know a lot of that isn't his fault. But shouldn't Art Shell be penalized for his role in that debacle as coach, and him and Marcus cancel out each other's eligibility?

Where is Jim Plunket with his two Super Bowl rings? And don't get Dan started on Lester Hayes' exclusion from this poll. His head is still sore from banging it against the wall when Lester once again did not make the Hall of Fame.

And no Ray Guy? He wouldn't have won, but it would have been fun to include.

Also, Bill, the "Greatest Raider Ever" is Al Davis. Marcus Allen was voted the All-Time Franchise Player. There's a difference, and most Raiders fans, even they now hate Al, know this difference.

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Dan Hauenstein said...

The poll kind of points out how difficult it is to pick out one superstar from the Raiders. It is funny that a lot of the conspiracy theories around Marcus Allen's falling out with Al have to do with the threat of Marcus becoming bigger than the team.

Ironically, that probably won Marcus this poll. This is an AFC West blog, and you can bet all the Broncos, Chargers, and Chiefs fans in particular voted for Marcus.

Lester is obviously my favorite, but I agree with many of the comments - Otto should be on there if the title is "Franchise Player."