Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where's Your Brother?

It’s the question of the week. In fact, as I take a moment to begin composing this entry during our extended Wednesday wind hold, I’m asked the question again.


Bummer for Mikey, but his absence enabled me to pick up another National Championship driving his Formula A Hydro – pending inspection. It was an intense drive. I took about 6 heavy baths from some excellent competitors, and put one hole in the boat (sorry Mikey). All in all, a great opportunity for me to get my bearings back having not been in a boat for a while.

Today’s races have been cancelled due to the wind. We got far enough along to see Bay Area resident Tony Lombardo blow over his ASH headed across the starting line, but that was it. So a schedule that was going to be a challenge to finish by Saturday just got that much more difficult. We haven't quite gotten through Tuesday's scheduled races, and Thursday's racing will start at 7 am.

Hopefully the fog will be lighter than on Tuesday morning:

Yes, I folded myself into this boat and managed to stay in it at 55 mph while being pummeled from all directions:

A bad sign: Hydros on the beach and a windsurfer on the lake.

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John Sousa said...

The August Wind is a Hauenstein...