Sunday, August 24, 2008

Better on TV

If not for Carter's and O'Neal's injuries, I would be feeling ok about this game after watching the tape delayed TV broadcast. The offense looked "close" on a lot of plays, including TD receptions in the end zone, McFadden runs, and Walker catch-and-runs. The starting defensive backfield looks terrific, both in coverage and in run support. Tommy Kelly showed flashes. Jay Richardson looked reasonably good. And a few backups made plays, notably Kalimba Edwards and Tyvon Branch (on special teams).

The biggest problems with the starters seem to be an inability to pick up the blitz and surprisingly poor LB pursuit in some situations. Also scary is our lack of depth on defense. The silver lining to that one is that most of Arizona's big plays on scoring drives came by exploiting guys like Michael Waddell and Chris Johnson - players who hopefully never sniff the field in the regular season.

Regardless, one never really knows what the preseason means. In Art Shell's recent season the Raiders won twice as many games in preseason as in the regular season.

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