Monday, July 21, 2008

Is Bill Williamson a Hater?

No, really, I can't decide. came out with their first Power Ranking of the season, and the Raiders have dropped a place from their season ending 26 to 27. They basically swapped places with the Rams. My buddy Ken, who both of our readers will remember missed an opportunity for a bedside interview with Javon Walker in a Las Vegas hospital, is a Rams fan. I'm sure he will rub this in my face all week, that his squad is 1 point ahead in the power rankings.

But at least we're ahead of the 49ers, so stick it in your ear, Sllaacs.

Anyway, so Williams writes:

Optimism is sky high in Oakland. It might not be warranted, but the Raiders will be more fun to watch than in recent years.

Now, Dan and I were discussing this recently, how every year we talk ourselves into being excited about the Raiders, either because Randy Moss will really make Norv's offense work, or maybe Art really will bring the greatness back. We will probably write something about that, and share a couple of the now-embarrassing emails that were exchanged.

Anyway, so yes, I'm optimistic. That's true. I don't know that it's quite sky high, but I'm more optimistic than I've generally been. How could I not be? JaMarcus makes me hopeful, as does McFadden.

The "It might not be warrented" qualification, while if Jerry McDonald wrote it, I wouldn't think twice, when written by a former Broncos beat writer it gives me pause.

So consider yourself on notice, Williamson.

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