Monday, July 14, 2008

The Unfolding Favre Tragedy

Fittingly, as I cleaned my home office this weekend I came across my copy of the Oshkosh Northwestern's Brett Favre Retirement Tribute that I had been saving for when I finally wrote my tribute on this blog. While the current fiasco was predictable (how often does a legend exit his sport gracefully?), my delayed blog was more laziness than foresight.

Unfortunately, what is going on now may influence the content of my tribute once I write it. I won't pass judgment - at least not today. And it's not just because Favre has a lifetime pass from me or even because no one really cares that Willie Mays ended his career with the Mets. No, I simply believe this is a pure and simple tragedy sparked by the notorious indecisiveness of our hero.

Who can blame him for getting the itch in July? Who can blame the Packers for having moved on - and not just emotionally, but with a fully rebuilt playbook?

So the Packers are in a fix, and it's getting ugly. Dobolina?

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dobolina said...

I'll post my thoughts soon.

I'm just tired of it all, at this point, and could care less where Favre ends up.