Monday, July 21, 2008

John Clayton: No Coach on a Hotter Seat than Kiffin

In his article on training camp controversies that don't involve Chad Johnson or Brett Favre, John Clayton writes, "No coach is on a hotter seat than Kiffin."

That may or may not be true; if Nancy Gay wrote this article, it would say how cocky Lane Kiffin is, and he'll probably be leaving to become the Head Coach at Panhandle State, and Al Davis is a doddering old spendthrift jackass.

Anyway, what I like best about this article is the picture from Lance Kiffin's introductory press conference of Al leaning forward as he strains to rip a big fart.:

Lance is clearly entertained. I mean, who doesn't find flatulence funny?

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Dan Hauenstein said...

From that picture, it definitely looks like the seat is hot.