Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sllaacs Don't Love You Like He Loved You, Yesterday.

Found out that I have to borrow from Fallout Boy to express my feelings for Boom-Dizzle. He was Timmy Hardaway with four more inches of height, the unquestioned floor leader and the face of the Warriors. Now he is just a wobbly-kneed jerk with dreams that would Ruin the World. A bit dramatic? Perhaps, but I am a Warriors Fan, and this ass left us without a Point Guard. See Ya, Baron - you were awesome, but you are a Clipper now and that is disgusting. Why is Baron Davis playing for the Clippers disgusting? I'm glad you asked, here's why:

L.A. Sucks:
"The Clippers" is the stupidest name for any Professional franchise not named the "Mighty Ducks" or Los Angeles Angels (The Angels Angels as a direct translation"). And since the Ducks are just the Ducks, and the Angels have actually won a few division titles, that leaves the Clippers as the lamest of the stupidest. And by the way, if you call them "the" Los Angeles Dodgers or "the" Los Angeles Clippers, you are actually saying: The the Angels Dodgers, or The the Angels Clippers. See how stupid the entire L.A. thing is? And that is just the sports scene.

He Wants to be a Movie Star:
Baron actually wanted to pursue his Movie career while he plays hoop. Hopefully not at the exact same time. Nice focus though, for a team leader... Not.

He Doesn't Give a Damn About Winning It All:
If Baron wanted to win it all he would have gone to a team with a chance. What team? Hell if I know, you figure it out. I find it acceptable if Baron thought the Warriors were going nowhere, but to go to the Suck Ass Clippers?

In Boom-Dizzles' face however:
Elton Brand signed with the 76ers. Warriors snatched Maggette and made an offer to the Lakers' Rony Turiaf that Kobe probably won't match. Welcome to the Basement, Baron - it's gonna bring you down.

I mentioned Justin Duchsherer in closing a post a little while ago. Need I mention him now?
The A's traded the best pitcher in Baseball yesterday - "when he is healthy" being the only caveat. Dick Harden is the most talented pitcher we've seen in Oakland in the last 20 years (Jose Rijo being the end cap), maybe ever. Tune in to Cubs games when Harden is throwing to check out a future Hall of Famer - or another Chicago fireballer going down to injuries. Knowing Billy Beane's results when it comes to trades though, I expect Richie to go the path of Mark Mulder, unfortunately - with his best years left behind in Oakland, so far - and Mulder had nothing like the injury history of Dick Harden. Beware Hardens last two starts - only five inning each - his injury history is thus: Dominate for a few starts, come out of game early raising no alarm, then announce before the next start that the disabled list is his destination.

In Closing:

With or without Baron Davis, the Warriors are still a team that needs vast improvement from several young players to win during the regular season and contend for the playoffs this year. They probably lost 20 wins with Baron leaving, so Warriors Fans will see if Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette are good enough to make up for the absence of Davis.



John Sousa said...

Looks like you went to the same comedy seminar as are NOT black!

Dan Hauenstein said...

Sure Harden just K'd 10 Giants while shutting them out at Wrigley, but he only lasted 5.1, and the Giants improved their hitting by 500% over the green and gold Harden of June. Brewer fans, await the DL announcement!

And with Gaudin replacing Harden, Billy Beane has made this a damn boring day off for me.