Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Dan Thinks

As Lane Kiffin would say, "I'm in."

Tampa is going to beat Jacksonville 21-13. As I sat here trying to think of who in the world is starting at QB for the Jags, the separately-priced NFL Network said, "Quinn Gray." Who is Quinn Gray? Anyway, as much as I don't understand his handle, Sllaacs is right that the Raiders should have grabbed Garcia.

Brees vs. Gore. I spent much of Saturday agonizing over whether to give up on these Fantasy busts and save my season with a blockbuster trade. In the end I decided that keeping them would at least make the force-fed 1 pm game interesting enough to watch. Gore's "I miss Norv" whines will give him more touches but he can't help this overpriced defense stop a resurgent Saints. New Orleans wins, 27-20.

When they move the 49ers to Santa Clara will they change the name to the San Francisco Bay 49ers ala Tampa Bay? (Green Bay is an actual city).

And in the surprise pick of the week I'm going with the Raiders over the Titans, 24-21. Rob Bironas will go 0-for-2 on FGs and Michael Huff is going to score after forcing a turnover from his old pal Vince. The Raiders will find more room to run than everyone thinks, but it's going to be close after Daunte makes a bad decision early in the 4th quarter.

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John Sousa said...

Sllaacs is his Christian name. His parents didn't like him very much.