Sunday, October 28, 2007

At Quarterback, From LSU, JaMarcus Russell!

I think we're going to be hearing that from the public address announcer at a stadium near us pretty soon.

2-5. Just like we were at some point in the last four seasons.

But we have hope. Young coach, All-World Number One Draft Pick QB. Let's play them. Cut them loose.


Sllaacs said...

I think we're going to hear: "Russell under center... snaps the ball... Pocket collapses, so he scrambles outside... Holy shit! He just got Theismanned...!"

john said...

I'm worried that what happend to Andrew Walter will happen to JaMarcus. I think JR is 11 times the athlete and QB, but I don't want him to get murdered and/or scarred. Although Peyton took his lumps.

Sllaacs said...

Peyton had a better line, I think -definitely Marvin Harrison, and Edge - so he had things a bit better. Still he had something like 28 TD and 28 INT. I think he was sacked like, 30 times as a rookie in 16 games. That ain't horrible protection. The Raiders pass protection is much worse.

Unknown said...

I think we're going to hear: "With the first pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Raiders select (insert name of whatever 'Flavor of the Year' QB is available).