Friday, October 26, 2007

John's Picks

Let's play Sllaacs' little game of "My Three Picks."

I like Jacksonville over Tampa, 24-10. Maurice Jones-Drew rushes for 122 and 2 TDs, adding another 6 on special teams. This will also help my fantasy squad.

There's no way the 49ers are putting 21 points on anybody this year, unless against the Rams. Even with Alex Smith back, they're not getting it done. They miss Norv. The Saints continue their dominance over the NFC West with a 28-13 victory. The 49ers loan touchdown will come on defense.

As for the Raiders, we either get a gimpy Vince Young or Kerry Collins, fresh off lighting Houston. I agree with Matt Berry: there's no way Daunte doesn't have a better game against the Titans than Sage Rosenfels. No way. Our defense is playing better, too, although we miss Gerard Warren bad. Raiders win 31-20.

What does Dan think?

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Sllaacs said...

31 PTS? Whoa man. Whoa.