Friday, September 18, 2009

John's Picks: Cuz we're in the Spirit World, asshole. They can't see us!

Wow. Sllaacs comes up with some picks and a nice clip, although I prefer this longer version, because it has the quote in the title of this post.

Anyway, as exhibit A in why I protested the trade he's talking about, Marques Colston plays for New Orleans, so Eli Manning won't be throwing him jack shit in the New Texas Stadium, as evidenced in this clip reel:

See, Sllaacs doesn't even know what team his players play for, except that he knows Frank Gore plays for the 49ers. Anyone who doesn't know what team players play for is unqualified to manage a fantasy football team.


Dallas, who has Tony Romo, my fantasy quarterback, faces a tough game against the New York Football Giants. But I like Dallas. The Toddfather is going to be in the house this weekend, and he tells me that the Cowboys can't be beaten. Normally, this would be a reason to pick the Giants. But not this time. Cowboys 27, Giants 24.

The 49ers are going to lose to Seattle in the exact opposite of the score Sllaacs picked, 21-10.

And the Raiders, I don't care what anybody says, are a bandwagon pick this week for a reason. 24-14.

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