Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halftime Adjustments

The Raiders have been notoriously bad in this department over the years, often losing leads when their opponents out-adjust them at halftime. Even last week, the Chargers figured out how to shut down the run in the second half.

Some adjustments I'd like to see:
  • Commit to the run. Thus far the Raiders seem more interested in letting JaMarcus throw his way into a rhythm than leaning on their offensive strength.
  • Increase the pressure on Cassel. The defense isn't doing too badly, but Cassel has way too much time and the Chiefs have been slowly eating their way through the Raider D.
  • Figure out how to shut down the run. Ha - that would be something...
  • Stop getting dumb, untimely penalties. Ok, I might as well ask them to shift to a zone D while I'm at it.
Here we go, second half is on and the Chiefs are moving the ball. Let's see what kind of coach Cable is in a situation that hasn't looked great for the Raiders thus far.

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