Friday, September 11, 2009

Seymour May Stop Screwing Raider Fans UPDATE: Or Not?

Schefter is reporting tonight that Richard Seymour is en route to Oakland and will play against the Chargers on Monday night. Apparently the Raiders did send the letter and Seymour had the proverbial 3.7 million reasons to go ahead and stop being a baby about the trade.

More good news is that no ridiculous promise not to franchise him was made, increasing the chances that the Raiders will be able to keep him longer than this year. Gwen Knapp's complaints notwithstanding, this is good news for the fan even if it prevents Seymour from buying 10 more luxury cars with all of his loot derived from playing a game.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. Jerry points out a Boston Herald story that Seymour has filed a grievance through the NFLPA attempting to block the Raiders' ability to force him to report, and thus unravelling the trade. Until he tackles LT for a loss on Monday night, Richard Seymour is on a fast track to Randy Moss status with this Raider fan. No, that does not mean I am going to draft Seymour also in my fantasy league. Ugh.

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