Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Bad on the Picks; Jeff Garcia

I guess I spent so much pwn-ing Sllaacs for his lack of football knowledge that I forgot a game.

The Saints with roll. No Donovan, no Mike Vick, and while they did pick up our sloppy seconds this week, there's no way Goldmember plays well enough to overcome Drew Brees. Drew Brees is no Jake Delhomme, people. Saints 31-17.

While we're on the subject of Garcia, a lot of people have put forth the notion that the Raiders might have won the other night if he had played instead of JaMarcus.

First of all, I'm not even sure why he signed with the Raiders in the first place. He was never healthy in training camp, and when he did play, was he really that effective?

But let's say that these people--people like the Professor, by the way--are correct, and that Jeff Garcia had played instead instead of JaMarcus, or that when he went out briefly in the 4th quarter after the QB Sneak, Garcia comes in and leads the team to victory.

This would be what you a call winning the battle and losing the war. The thing is, Garcia is 40 years old, which is young if you're a tree but ancient if you're a quarterback taking every snap. The Raiders at this point have to ride or die with JaMarcus. It's that simple. Every snap another quarterback takes is one that he doesn't; it's a chance to learn and improve and develop in real-life situations that he doesn't get. So to me, it really isn't a choice. I have no hard feelings toward Jeff Garcia. As George Atkinson would say, he's a competitor. He likes to compete. I hope he gets that chance somewhere else.

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