Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kawakami Hearts JaMarcus

JaMarcus is taking a beating, and probably deservedly so. As Dan and I were watching the game, in separate living rooms, communicating via G-chat, we had this exchange:

11:55 AM Dan: wow
John: just got my first "fuck russell" text from Kristy
Dan: ha - me too
not good
how did the lite shotgun go?
11:56 AM i need to get me a beer - am just getting through bloody mary phase
12:00 PM John: it went well. i've drank four regular style since

As you can see from this exchange, JaMarcus was driving us to drink, well before noon.

Tim Kawakami has a blog post and a column up discussing JaMarcus today, and he comes to his defense. And not in a back-handed way, either:
The talent is there. He’s trying to be more of a leader. He will never be willowy, but he looks in reasonable shape. He also has Bruce Gradkowski behind him, so it’s not like Russell’s getting yanked any time soon.

Maybe this week will be the breakthrough: In his two games against the Denver Broncos last year, Russell completed 73 percent of his passes for 332 yards and three touchdowns, registering a 127.3 passer rating.

What he doesn't mention, and what I've noticed, is JaMarcus bring some intangibles. He doesn't get rattled. While it may be frustrating to watch, as he slings incompletion after incompletion, he he seems to forget about it almost immediately. Even if we don't. In fact, on that last drive, the winning Touchdown drive against the Chiefs last week, Dan and I had this exchange:

12:55 PM John: i was just talking with ashley
12:56 PM that this is where JaMarcus' "laid back-ness" comes in handy.
he doesn't panic
12:57 PM Dan: ha - i was thinking the very same thing as he came into the huddle - this is a situation where jamarcus can build his reputation
calm leader

If JaMarcus can start making some plays earlier in the game, I'll remain his biggest apologist. Right now, being Joe Cool is biggest asset, bigger than his cannon arm. But he needs to start putting it together.

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dobolina said...

Of course he's not rattled when he throws a ball into the stands, he's used to it.