Monday, April 13, 2009

Raiders and David White Having a Good Offseason

The Raiders' approach to this offseason has thus far been a pleasant surprise, as noted here and here, and measured by the generally upbeat tone of the blog given that the Raiders lost 11 games (again) last season.

Another pleasant offseason surprise has been the blogging of the Chronicle's David White (noted here, here, and here). Back from a week in his hometown of Selma, CA, today he achieves permanent "That guy's ok with me" status after explaining that he spent a significant portion of his vacation dining at Sal's Mexican Restaurant. My parents are from Kingsburg, a mere couple of miles down the road from Selma, and Unk lives there today. Every time we visit Unk, we make a trip to Sal's.

If you are ever in Selma, eat here.

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