Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Search

While Denver is off wining and dining every coach on the A-list, a steady trickle of uninspiring news comes out of Alameda. Is Al too busy with rehab? Is he preoccupied boarding up the windows as the professional rioters and opportunistic kids advance?

Or has he already settled on Tom Cable?

David White continues his active blogging during the offseason, and notes that Don Martindale is favored for another in-house promotion to defensive coordinator. Jerry suggests it, too, and goes beyond the semantics argument over Gilbride to discuss Ed Donatell as another possibility, along with an offer to Lionel Washington to become defensive backs coach. Given the Packer connections perhaps we can get dobolina to weigh in.

But White ties things together in his article, suggesting that the Cable hire is imminent once the Rooney Rule is satisfied. Again, considering Al's recent hiring track record and Cable's inspiring (yes, inspiring) end to the season, I would be in favor of the move.

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