Monday, January 12, 2009

Next Generation Hate

The Broncos have hired Shanahan's heir, and he is Josh McDaniels, 32-year-old prodigy from the hated New England Patriots and an A-list coaching candidate if ever there was one. As the Patsy's offensive coordinator he was responsible for a huge number of points being scored, many of those in the first quarter of their game against the Raiders this year.

So who is rumored to be defensive coordinator? Mike Nolan, the suit.

I commemorate this moment by blogging via Firefox for the first, but not last, time.

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john said...

Well, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are no Tom Brady and Randy Moss. And that Defense is ghastly.

Although Marshall is a baller. I had him on my fantasy squad, and he was amazing, once he was un-suspended.